Corporate Governance

Governance is an ethic that permeates our company from the top. And it starts with open communication. This section of our Web site will introduce you to Nelnet's governance philosophy — our corporate governance guidelines and code of business conduct and ethics, our Board of Directors and its committees, and our management. Please use the "contact us" link above if you have governance or operating questions.

Letter from the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board

Nelnet was founded on principles of responsible business. This is a hallmark of our success and a driving force behind our corporate governance philosophy. We believe that governance is not simply an exercise of ticking off boxes. It is about the interconnected relationship between a company's owners—its shareholders, who are represented by the Board of Directors—and a company's management, who serves the best interests of its stakeholders, including customers and business partners, employees, and shareholders.

Nelnet is committed to helping students make their educational dreams possible. Nelnet and its Board of Directors are equally committed to responsible business standards, demonstrated in our governance guidelines, strong internal controls, and independent board. And as students across the country uphold their schools' honor codes, Nelnet's employees, at all levels, are dedicated to our code of ethics.

Nelnet's board has drawn from best practices to create corporate governance guidelines that meet or exceed current listing standards and applicable laws and regulations and that fit our company's unique characteristics. The result is a set of practices outlined in our corporate governance guidelines that we believe serve the best interests of Nelnet and all it stakeholders.


Michael S. Dunlap, Executive Chairman
Stephen F. Butterfield, Vice Chairman